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This Is What Happened Just Minutes Before Princess Diana Married Charles

Lady Diana and Prince Charles walking down the aisle.
August 23, 2019 - 07:57 / Marion Wierl

Royal weddings are undoubtedly beautiful events, but they also come with an abundance of rules that must be navigated and an unsettling number of etiquette faux-pas waiting to happen. And Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles almost ended in disaster as catastrophe hit just shortly before it was due to start!

Prince Harry (33) and Meghan Markle's (36) wedding earlier this year was without a doubt one of the most beautiful royal weddings of all time, but that of Princess Diana (†36) and Prince Charles (69) on 29th July 1981 was almost more spectacular.

Although there were some similarities between the two weddings, Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding almost went down in history, for all the wrong reasons! What most of us don't know, is that the day almost ended in disaster, when Diana's wedding dress was stained.

Lady Diana married Prince Charles in 1983
Lady Diana in 1983 at her marriage.

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Disaster

Barbara Daly, who was Princess Diana's make-up artist at her wedding told People magazine about what happened just minutes before her wedding to Prince Charles.

Diana's favourite perfume was Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant and when the future princess wanted to apply some of it to her wrists, it slipped out of her hands, and some of it spilled onto her wedding dress. Oh, the horror! The perfume left an unattractive stain on her beautiful dress, which had been designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, especially for the wedding.

Lady Diana and Prince Charles beaming on their wedding day
Lady Diana and Prince Charles posing for their wedding picture.

This would have been an absolute nightmare for Lady Diana, but nothing could be done, as the wedding was due to start just minutes later. Barbara Daly confessed to People that she told Diana to simply hold the dress in place, covering the stain with her hands, so as to make it look as if she were simply lifting it to avoid stepping on it.

And indeed, photos from the wedding show Lady Diana repeatedly holding her hand in front of her dress during the ceremony. Princess Diana did a very good job, as neither the guests, nor the thousands of spectators, noticed anything was amiss!