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Unlike Catherine: Why Duchess Meghan Does Not Wear The Queen's Jewelry

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Duchess Meghan and Duchess Catherine’s styles are very different, especially when it comes to their choice of jewelry. While Meghan usually wears simple pieces, Catherine tends to borrow the Queen's jewelry. But how come we never see Meghan with the Queen's jewelry?

Duchess Catherine (36) and Duchess Meghan (37) are both considered fashion icons - not only among royal fans - and always inspire with their great fashion choices. However, if you compare the styles of Meghan and Catherine, it becomes clear that they are very different.

Duchess Catherine, for example, often borrows jewelry from Queen Elizabeth’s (92) collection, while Duchess Meghan has had this honor only once.

Duchess Catherine Diana's Tiara Dutch State Banquet Buckingham Palace
Catherine, the radiant: The Duchess of Cambridge had all eyes on her while she was wearing Diana's tiara.

Duchess Meghan: This is why she does not wear the Queen’s jewelry

Duchess Catherine often borrows accessories from the Queen's jewelry collection for official appearances. Whether it is a tiara, a pearl necklace or pearl earrings, the 36-year-old regularly wears the monarch's jewelry. In contrast, Duchess Meghan tends to honor Princess Diana (†36) with her looks.

Meghan wore Diana’s famous blue aquamarine ring at her wedding to Prince Harry (34), for example. The first and only time the American wore one of the Queen's jewels was at her wedding, where she borrowed a tiara. Otherwise Meghan usually wears her own jewelry - or none at all.

Duchess Meghan giving her first speech
Duchess Meghan giving her first speech

As "Express" reports, this is due to the different styles of Catherine and Meghan. Catherine prefers the classic look and is a big fan of heirloom pieces and classic brands. She has also been part of the royal family much longer.

Meghan, on the other hand, favors a simple but stylish look, which does not really suit the pompous royal jewelry. She also supports smaller designers.