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Wow! See How Much Prince William and Prince George Look Alike

Prince George and Prince William as kids
July 26, 2019 - 09:22 / Sarah Schulz

Prince George celebrated his sixth birthday a few days ago. The palace released three new pictures of the little royal on this special occasion. Fans were particularly struck by one of them: Prince George really looks like his father, Prince William!

Are we seeing double? New pictures of Prince George (6), recently released for his sixth birthday, are freaking Royal fans out. The photos show just how similar the heir to the throne looks to his father Prince William (37).

Amazing resemblance: Prince George looks like Prince William

While Prince George's younger brother Prince Louis (1) looks more like his mother, Duchess Catherine (37), according to fans, George is actually a spitting image of his father when he was that age. Old children's photos of Prince William make this especially clear.

"Wow, he looks exactly like his father", is the comment of a Twitter user. "At first I thought it was a photo of the young Prince William. They look so similar," writes another. The fans think Prince George has above all, the smile of his father.

Like Prince William, Prince George is also a football fan

Prince George inherited not only the looks but also the enthusiasm of British royals for football clubs from his father. Two of the new pictures show William and Kate's son lying happily laughing on the grass - the little royal wearing a white England National team jersey.

Prince William is an avowed and enthusiastic fan of Aston Villa and has already expressed his football fever in several interviews. The Royal himself admitted that he also tries to get his children excited about the sport and it looks like it's working with George!