'America's Most Wanted' Revival In The Works At FOX

'America's Most Wanted': A reboot is in the making in FOX.
January 8, 2020 - 15:25 / Clemens Fanger

It looks like the true crime classic America's Most Wanted is going to get a reboot very soon! FOX Alternative president Rob Wade confirmed the news at the TCA's winter tour on Tuesday!

There is a reboot of America's Most Wanted in the making at FOX. Rob Wade, FOX's President of Alternative Programming, confirmed the news on Tuesday while speaking to Deadline at the Television Critics Association's winter tour.

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"It's a great format, very FOX format," Wade said. "It is America's Most Wanted but with the help of our producer and Interpol we are now able to work outside of the U.S. because a lot of the fugitives these days travel; you need to be able to have a global reach to find fugitives."

America's Most Wanted: John Turchin, Ed Miller, Rick Segall, Tom Morris & John Walsh.

America's Most Wanted: A true crime show that has "positivity to it"

"I think it is a show that can create urgency and has a kind of a good heart at the end of the day," Wade went on. "It is a crime show but it has positivity to it; you can try to find a fugitive and help."

The original show ran for 25 seasons on FOX and Lifetime from 1988 until it was discontinued in 2013. It featured cases about dangerous fugitives, played by actors, mixed with interviews and narration.