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Check Out Beanie Feldstein In New 'How To Build A Girl' Trailer

Beanie Feldstein Goes Full Rock And Roll In The New Trailer For How To Build A Girl
April 8, 2020 - 19:57 / Hayley Paskevich

The first trailer has just been released for Beanie Feldstein's new movie How to Build a Girl, based on Caitlin Moran's novel! Check it out and see the official poster!

Beanie Feldstein is going British in her newest role! Her upcoming film How to Build a Girl sees the actress known for Booksmart and Lady Bird starring as a bored English teenager, "Johanna Morrigan". In People's exclusive first look at the trailer, "Johanna" is introduced to the audience as she expresses her desire to lead a more exciting life. 

"How much longer am I going to have to be here?” she wonders aloud. "I want to burn, I want to explode. I want to have sexual intercourse… With someone who has a car". After she becomes a music critic at a popular magazine though, "Johanna" attempts to fit into the new lifestyle she's found herself living— which includes drastically changing her appearance.

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Beanie Feldstein attends the 92nd Annual Academy Awards on February 9, 2020.

Feldstein says How to Build a Girl was "daunting" to film

Feldstein's character "Johanna" even changes her name as she assimilates herself into the rock and roll lifestyle, as the trailer shows her proclaiming the decision to her family. "Johanna Morrigan is dead," she announces. "This is the legendary Dolly Wilde". 

As "Johanna" becomes further immersed in the rock scene, she confronts the idea that her new persona contradicts the idea of her that people once had. "What do you do when you build yourself only to realize you’ve built yourself with the wrong things?” she asks. "You rip it up and start again".

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Feldstein spoke about her experience filming How to Build a Girl with People and Entertainment Weekly when it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival back in September. "I never thought of myself as a brave person before,” she admitted. “I just didn’t associate with that. And then, after we wrapped, I thought, ‘Maybe I’m a little bit brave'".

Beanie Feldstein attends front row at the Rodarte fashion show during February 2020 - New York Fashion Week: The Shows on February 11, 2020.

Feldstein shares official poster for How to Build a Girl

Feldstein also made an Instagram post about the movie, where she expressed her enthusiasm and love towards it. "I cannot wait for you all to meet the unstoppable force that is Johanna Morrigan," Feldstein shared. "#HowToBuildAGirl is based on @mscaitlinmoran 's magical novel and is the story of a teenage girl who is full of hope and passion and joy. I feel we could all use a little of those things in our lives these days".

How to Build a Girl will be coming to video on demand on May 8th. The film also stars Alfie Allen, Frank Dillane Paddy Considine, Sarah Solemani, Jameela Jamil, Chris O’Dowd, Michael Sheen and Emma Thompson.

Watch the official trailer for Beanie Feldstein's new movie How to Build a Girl here!