CBS Reveals Fall 2020 TV Schedule and Update On Scripted Series

CBS Fall 2020 TV Schedule & Update On Scripted Series
August 26, 2020 - 22:53 / Lucas Anderson

On Aug. 26, CBS unveiled the schedule for its Fall 2020 TV line-up. The network will enter the new season without favourites such as NCIS, as scripted series and some reality programs (like Survivor) have yet to enter production amid the pandemic. But CBS still has a bevy of new reality TV on the way as well as some new acquisitions. Read on to see the schedule and the new update on scripted series.

Come September, CBS will enter the 2020-21 TV season without many of its most popular series.

Virtually all of the network's scripted series will not make early-fall premieres, as the COVID-19 pandemic has kept the majority of TV productions in the U.S. off sets or behind schedule. But fans of CBS favourites including NCIS and its spin-offs, Blue Bloods, and Young Sheldon, can remain hopeful for a return in 2020.

CBS says scripted series will likely arrive "in November"

Among the shows that will debut by late October are Big Brother, Love Island, The Amazing Race, 48 Hours, and 60 Minutes. New CBS additions Star Trek: Discovery and Manhunt: Deadly Games are set for early-fall premieres as well.

The Love Island Cast 

"This is hardly a traditional fall season, but we are prepared with a strong slate of original content while our regular scripted series begin production," Kelly Kahl, President of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement.

"Based on our current timeline, we hope to start rolling out our previously announced fall series as they become available in November," he added. NCIS and its Los Angeles spin-off will resume production next month, for example.

Survivor, likewise, was unable to begin production on its new season in Fiji, creating another gap in the fall line-up, though a new season of The Amazing Race was completed prior to the pandemic.

CBS Fall 2020 TV schedule

Here's CBS's fall schedule with premiere and finale dates, per Deadline:

Wednesday, Sept. 9

8-9 p.m. BIG BROTHER

9-10 p.m. LOVE ISLAND

10-11 p.m. 48 HOURS: SUSPICION (Special Wednesday Edition)

Saturday, Sept. 12


10-11 p.m. 48 HOURS (34th Season Premiere)

Sunday, Sept. 20 (NFL Double Header)

7:30-8:30 p.m., ET/ 7-8 p.m., PT 60 MINUTES (53rd Season Premiere, RTP 7-8 ET/PT)

8:30-9:30 p.m., ET/8-9 p.m., PT BIG BROTHER

9:30-10:30 p.m., ET/9-10 p.m., PT LOVE ISLAND

Monday, Sept. 21

9-10 p.m. LOVE ISLAND

10-11 p.m. MANHUNT: DEADLY GAMES (Broadcast Premiere)

Thursday, Sept. 24

8-9 p.m. BIG BROTHER

9-10 p.m. LOVE ISLAND

10-11 p.m. STAR TREK: DISCOVERY (Broadcast Premiere – 1st Season)

Friday, Sept. 25


9-10 p.m. LOVE ISLAND

Tuesday, Sept. 29

8-9 p.m. LOVE ISLAND (2nd Season Finale)

Friday, Oct. 2


9-10 p.m. UNDERCOVER BOSS (10th Season Premiere)

Monday, Oct. 12, 19, 26

9-10 p.m. ONE DAY AT A TIME (Broadcast Premiere – 4th Season)


Tuesday, Oct. 13

10-11 p.m. THE FBI DECLASSIFIED (Season Premiere)

Wednesday, Oct. 14

8-9 p.m. BIG BROTHER

9-10 p.m. THE AMAZING RACE (32nd Season Premiere)

Wednesday, Oct. 28


9-11 p.m. BIG BROTHER (22nd Season Finale)

Stay tuned for updates on the return of NCIS and more CBS favourites in the next few months.