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Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her Powerful Voice In New Rendition Of The Disney Classic Song "Reflection"

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her Powerful Voice In New Rendition Of The Disney Classic Song "Reflection" - Watch here!
August 28, 2020 - 19:29 / Amanda Stanford

Even though we may not get to see the live-action Mulan in theatres, due to the novel Coronavirus, that won't stop Christina Aguilera from showing off those pipes, as she once again stuns with her beautiful rendition of the Disney classic song, "Reflection."

Even though Disney pulled the live-action Mulan from theatres due to the global pandemic, Christina Aguilera won't let that stop her from performing the classic song "Reflection"!

Originally performed in 1998, Aguilera took the world by storm with the original, and is back at it again with a new spin on the classic song!

Christina Aguilera's powerful cover!

If there's one thing Christina Aguilera is known for, it's her incredible pipes, and this time, her powerful cover of the Disney classic "Reflection" is no exception!

Christina Aguilera attends the 2019 American Music Awards.

The 90s pop sensation first released the song in 1998. This time, it's getting a small make-over while the world anticipates the live-action film, set for streaming on Disney+ in September.

Aguilera posted a clip of the song to her Instagram, and wrote, "I am at a place of new beginnings in my life and set out to embrace the woman I’ve become, having grown up in this business, till now."

"So this song always resonates and represents exciting and new chapters & energy for me. I hope you enjoy this fresh new take of 'Reflection,'" she continued.

Aguilera also released a song "Loyal Brave True" for the anticipated film, and fans can't wait to see one of the most loved Disney princesses take the big screen once more!

Mulan will be available for streaming on Disney+ September 4. Watch Aguilera's new take on the song below!