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'Counting On': Joy-Anna Duggar Opens Up About Devastating Miscarriage On Premiere

'Counting On': Joy-Anna Duggar Opens Up About Devastating Miscarriage On Premiere.
July 8, 2020 - 18:31 / Anna Valenzuela Rosas

On the premiere episode of Counting On, Joy-Anna and Austin opened up to viewers about the pain and process of losing their baby girl at 20 weeks.

The much-anticipated premiere episode of Counting On had many highs and lows and really opened up to fans. 

Joy-Anna Duggar Opens Up On Counting On

The premiere episode of Counting On was filled with honesty and baby news. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth spoke about their heartwrenching and shocking miscarriage of baby Annabell Elise at 20 weeks. 

The young couple reflected on the moment they learned the terrible news saying "Austin and I decided we wanted to go in for our 20-week ultrasound to find out the gender and laid out the bed and she was going to tell us the gender and she was like, 'I don't hear a heartbeat' and she was like, 'See, there's your baby's heart' and no heartbeat. And a first I was like, 'Oh, is your monitor messed up or whatever?' But then I realized what she was telling us and I was just devastated. I broke down crying."

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One year without her. . It's been a year since we found out that we lost Annabell. I remember leaving our ultrasound appointment, sobbing and wondering how we were ever going to move forward, and so fearful of having to deliver her. It hurts to look back at these pictures and remember the pain and heartbreak, but when I do look back I am so thankful for how far we've come... how God has given us more joy, peace, & healing than I ever thought we would have again. . We love you, Annabell Elise! . Thank you for all of your prayers and love for our family over this past year. . The second picture was my last bump photo with her. #AnnabellEliseForsyth #oneyear #angelbaby #wemissyou #inthearmsofJesus

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26-year old Austin said "At that moment, you're like 'Is this really happening? Something must be wrong.' It's pretty hard." He spoke about worrying about his wife as well, Joy-Anna had to be induced so Austin said "I just kept thinking, 'I want my wife to be okay. I want her to make it through this,' so when we had the baby it was such a relief that Joy got through it fine and just that, I think, we could start the grieving process and start healing and getting through life." 

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The two decided to name the angel Annabell Elise and decided to bury her in a place that meant a lot to them both. Annabell Elise was buried at Fort Rock "because a lot of our special things happened out there. We got engaged, we started dating out there, so after having Annabell, we buried her out at Fort Rock." The two also lovingly put a headstone and planted a tree where she has been buried to they can "watch her grow."

Joy-Anna said this "brought even more closure for me and just knowing that our family is able to move on." The tough family luckily has a huge and strong support system that has been helping them through the loss. Now, Joy-Anna and Austin are expecting a healthy baby girl on the way and are excited to bring their son a big sister!

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It's been one of those mornings...

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