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'Criminal Minds': See The Epic Behind The Scenes Picture From The New Episode Here!

"Reid" and "Emily" in season 13 of Criminal Minds.
January 28, 2020 - 18:50 / Laura Pérez

One of our favourite shows just keeps surprising us every week. The new episode of Criminal Minds premieres this Wednesday, and a behind-the-scenes picture from it has just been shared on Instagram! Get the full story and see the epic picture here!

We just can't wait to see the new Criminal Minds episode, "Ghost," which is set to premiere this Wednesday! We already knew that the BAU team will investigate what appears to be a copycat serial killer, following a series of fatal shootings. However, the Criminal Minds production has just surprised everyone by posting a behind-the-scenes picture from the upcoming episode:

The new Criminal Minds episode airs this Wednesday

Criminal Minds season 15, episode 5 will be quite exciting. The only way of finding out what happens in the long-running police procedural crime drama show is by staying tuned. The new episode airs this Wednesday, January 29, on CBS

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