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'Criminal Minds', 'NCIS' and Co.: The Most Dramatic Exits, Part 2

Actor Mandy Patinkin who portrayed "Jason Gideon" in Criminal Minds
March 17, 2019 - 19:23 / Administrator User

Crime series like NCIS and Criminal Minds are very popular all over the world. That´s why many fans have a hard time when their favorite characters leave the show. We already showed you the most dramatic exits part 1 to keep you in the loop. Check the video above to see the saddest farewells, part two!

Some of the most popular crime TV Series around the world are NCIS, Law & Order, and Criminal Minds, and they are predestined for dramatic exits, after all it´s always somehow about life and death. People who love these shows get emotional when a fan-favorite character has to leave. We've picked out four series exits that have absolutely broken our hearts, for example Mandy Patinkin's role on Criminal Minds. He left an impression but unfortunately his time on the show was too short. Watch the video here!

Pauley Perrette played Amy Sciuto on NCIS