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'The King of Queens': What Happened To "Deacon"?

Victor Williams and Kevin James in The King of Queens
April 8, 2020 - 21:53 / Administrator User

We're sorry, but we have to admit that we just don't think The King of Queens would have been the same without "Doug's" best friend, "Deacon", played by Victor Williams. The cult series finished in 2007 and, while know that Kevin James has starred in several big blockbusters over the last ten years, we were left wondering what Victor Williams has been up to over the last decade.  

Kevin James (54) and Victor Williams (49) captivated the hears of thousands of fans as "Doug" and "Deacon" in The King of Queens from 1998 to 2007. 

Just like "Doug", "Deacon" also worked as a UPS driver, was a father and an all-round cool guy. Fans of the series soon grew to love Deacon, played by Victor Williams, almost as much as they loved Doug

"Deacon" after the end of The King of Queens

The popular series finished in 2007, but that hasn't stopped it going down in TV history and we know plenty of people who love a good The King of Queens rerun! However, the end of the series did not signal the end of Victor's career.  

Victor Williams today
Victor Williams today. He still works as an actor.

Even while he was working on The King of Queens he still starred in several other TV series and films. He appeared in an episode of The Practice as well as in films such as Me & Mrs. Jones, With or Without You and Bewitched.

Victor Williams and Stephnie Weir in Happy Together
Victor Williams and Stephnie Weir in Happy Together

Victor Williams is a successful TV actor

Forty-nine-year-old Victor went from success to success after The King of Queens finished and has since appeared in numerous TV shows, including Girlfriends, Fringe, Blue Bloods and The Good Wife.

Victor has not only had guest appearances though, he has also been cast for main roles. He starred in The Affair from 2014 to 2015, playing "Detective Jeffries" in fourteen episodes.

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Victor Williams stars in Sneaky Pete

Victor Williams has starred in Sneaky Pete since 2017, playing Richard in the Amazon crime series since the second episode of the popular show. He recently also appeared in The Sinner and has starred in Happy Together since 2018.