'Dynasty' Star Kathleen Beller: Where Is "Kirby Anders" Today?

Dynasty "Kirby Anders" actress Kathleen Beller
October 9, 2020 - 10:12 / Lucas Anderson

On Dynasty, "Kirby Anders" was the young daughter of "Carrington" family majordomo "Joseph Anders." She appeared on the ABC soap opera in seasons 3 and 4 as well as the 1991 miniseries The Reunion. Where is actress Kathleen Beller today, after appearing on Dynasty in her late teens?

Dynasty fans said goodbye to "Kirby Anders" after a brief but memorable run on the ABC soap opera in the early 1980s. The daughter of "Joseph Anders," she came between "Jeff Colby" and "Adam Carrington," and briefly married "Jeff" during her time on Dynasty seasons 3 and 4.

But "Kirby" was written out of the show following season 4, when actress Kathleen Beller's contract was not renewed. She did, however, reprise the role in 1991 miniseries Dynasty: The Reunion. What is Beller up to today?

Dynasty: "Kirby Anders" actress Kathleen Beller today

Following her initial Dynasty exit in 1984, Beller acted in only around a dozen more films and TV shows in the '80s and '90s. The young actress starred in 1985 TV thriller Deadly Messages, had several appearances on Murder, She Wrote, and had a main cast role on short-lived NBC drama The Bronx Zoo in the late '80s. She then reprised her role as "Kirby" in the 1991 Dynasty miniseries.

Dynasty "Kirby Anders" actress Kathleen Beller

But Beller largely stepped away from acting after 1991. Three years prior, she married musician Thomas Dolby, and the couple went on to have three children together.

Today, Beller is 64 years old, and news about the former star of the '70s and '80s mostly comes in relation to her son, Harper Robertson. He transitioned in the 2000s and married his partner in 2014. Reacting to his transition and marriage, Beller said, "I don't think we would have ever dared hope Harper would be as happy as he now is. It's such relief."

Kathleen Beller in 2020

But apart from family news, the mother of three also is listed as starring in a 2016 short film titled Tom, of which little is known.

Kathleen Beller today: Dynasty "Kirby" actress

In 2020, Beller also appeared on the Candlelight Vigil Remembering Matthew Seligman TV special, hosted for her husband's bandmate who died earlier this year.

Otherwise, today, "Kirby Anders" also lives again on The CW's reboot of Dynasty, as played by actress Maddison Brown.