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'Forrest Gump': Where Is The Young "Jenny Curran" Today?

Hanna R. Hall and Michael Conner Humphreys in 'Forrest Gump'.
August 24, 2019 - 14:56 / Administrator User

The film adaptation of the popular novel Forrest Gump was an instant success. When narrating the story of his life, "Forrest" divides his life into several short stories that he believes have made him the person he is. His childhood friend "Jenny" plays a big role in these stories. But what happened to the actress Hanna R. Hall, who played "Jenny" in the film? 

The young "Forrest Gump" did not have a particularly happy childhood. At school he was unpopular, as his IQ was lower than that of the other children and he had to wear leg braces.  "Jenny", played by Hanna R. Hall (34), is his childhood sweetheart and the only one who talks to him. She even goes on to marry Forrest at the end of the film.

Hanna R. Hall still works as an actress

Hanna R. Hall was only ten years old when she was cast as Jenny. It was her very first role, but it launched her career and she has since starred in Sophia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides (1999) and in the 2007 horror film Halloween. She has also appeared in various TV  shows, including Masters of Sex back in 2015 and Criminal Minds.

Hanna is currently working as a director for an independent theatre in California.