Gunther from "Friends" looks completely different now

James Michael Tyler in 2009

James Michael Tyler played Gunther in the hit series Friends. From extra to leading secondary character, Gunther went through a drastic transformation over the show's lifespan. 

The hit show Friends was viewed by millions during the nineteis and early noughties. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston, 49), Monica (Courteney Cox, 53) and Chandler (Matthew Perry, 48) were a huge hit all over the world and still have a large cult follwing today. The TV series was so successful that even secondary characters became international stars once cast, as was the case for actor James Michael Tyler who played coffee shop barista Gunther

Gunther and Rachel

Gunther falls in love with Rachel, even though she presumes that he is a gay. It's only in the last episode that he opens up about his feelings towards Rachel, but, unfortunately, Rachel does not feel the same way. Ironically, one of the reasons that Taylor was cast was that he knew how to use an espresso machine, even though he never actually had to use the machine on set.

Gunther's trademark bleach blonde hair

His white-blonde hair became one of Gunther's trademarks thougout the series, although this move had been far from a calculated one. His hair color was actually an accident that happened the night before he was cast, when one of Taylor's friends tried to dye his hair. Suprisingly enough, the producers loved it and so Michael had to bleach his hair every week for the next ten years. Fast foward to the present and Taylor looks completely different, his hair is no longer a slave to the siren call of the peroxide bottle and he looks older, however, his warm smile is one thing that hasn't changed. 

Tyler retired from acting in 2013 after appearing in Modern Music, Scrubs and Episodes