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HBO Loses 'Harry Potter' Streaming Rights To NBC's Peacock

HBO Loses 'Harry Potter' Streaming Rights To NBC's Peacock.
August 6, 2020 - 12:19 / Anna Valenzuela Rosas

HBO lost the Harry Potter battle with NBC. NBC Universal's new platform, Peacock, just dealt a heavy blow in the "streaming" battles against HBO Max, by taking over the rights of the Harry Potter series. The entire saga will be moved to Peacock and NBC's broadcast. 

HBO has lost their Harry Potter streaming rights to NBC Universal. The magic of Harry Potter will be moved from its current home on HBO Max to NBC's Peacock now that the bitter custody battle has finally ended. The specifics and dates are confusing fans and viewers now that more and more subscription streaming services are popping up.

HBO Max Loses Harry Potter Series To NBC's Peacock

HBO Max and Peacock have finally come to an agreement that HBO will be handing the Harry Potter streaming rights to the newest major streaming service. This is just one of many "streaming battles" taking place among the major companies like Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, Apple TV+, and Netflix. There is fierce competition between the services to dominate the platforms. 

Peacock won streaming rights to the Harry Potter franchise because of an agreement between NBC Universal and Warner Bros. back in 2016. This is another major win for Peacock who is also taking back The Office from Netflix and now has a fighting chance against the other platforms. NBC will own J.K. Rowling's series until 2025. 

Harry Potter

In a public statement, Frances Manfredi, the platform's president of purchasing and strategy said "People of all ages love the saga of Harry Potter And this represents the caliber of quality entertainment that customers can expect to find in Peacock."

Peacock has announced that it is taking on the coveted series but has been a tad confusing on where exactly viewers can find them. According to Vulture, the HP series will be on HBO Max until August 25th where it will temporarily move to Peacock for at least a month and then be available on NBC's linear broadcast and cable TV channels and then be back on Peacock sometime next year.

Harry Potter

NBC Universal is hoping this deal will lead to more in the future and will help earn Peacock its own place as a major subscription streaming service. Many are addicted to the incredible series and can't imagine not having access to the HP franchise so this transaction was a smart and bold move by NBC. NBC beat HBO Max in the battle for Harry Potter streaming rights.