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Kevin Spacey will not be adding a new Emmy to his collection

Kevin Spacey was forced to apologise publicly
April 24, 2018 - 10:28 / Administrator User

Kevin Spacey is one of Hollywood's best known actors and has the awards to prove it. However, it looks like he will not be adding another one to his collection this year as the Emmy committee has officially decided he will not be receiving one this year, following allegations of involvement in the sexual harassment of a minor. 

Up until a short while ago, putting money on Spacey (58) winning an Emmy award would have looked like a safe bet, but the official commitee has now officially decided that he will not be awarded one this year. 

Anthony Rapp

House of Cards star and two times Oscar award winner Spacey has been accused of sexually assaulting Anthony Rapp (46) while he was a teenager. Spacey was left with no choice but to issue a public apology to Rapp. The incident also raised numerous questions about Spacey's sexuality and the actor has come out as a result. 

House of Cards fans left devastated

Shortly after the scandal, Netflix decided to end the popular series after its sixth season. The decision had apparently already been made before the Rapp/Spacey scandal hit the press, but, despite assurances that the timing was just a coincidence, House of Cards fans remain speculative as to whether this was really the case.