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'Killing Eve': Fiona Shaw, "Carolyn," Discusses Upcoming Season 3: "You'll Be Astonished"

'Killing Eve': Fiona Shaw, "Carolyn," Discusses Upcoming Season 3: "You'll Be Astonished"
April 8, 2020 - 20:28 / Lucas Anderson

Killing Eve season 3 returns this Sunday, April 12! Ahead of the new season, star Fiona Shaw ("Carolyn") previewed what to expect in a new interview. Hear what she had to say below.

Fiona Shaw stars as the deceptive MI6 boss "Carolyn" on Killing Eve. The popular spy and assassin thriller returns for season 3 on BBC America this Sunday, April 12. The show's leads are Sandra Oh as "Eve Polastri" and Jodie Comer as "Villanelle."

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shaw spoke about her character's role and the direction of season 3. "Fasten your safety belts," she said.

Killing Eve season 3: Coming in April 2020

EW asked Shaw about what to expect from "Carolyn" in season 3. "She's very much more present and she's pushed much further than she's ever been. And you get to know her personally much, much more," Shaw began.

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"That's possibly true of some of the other characters — but particularly Carolyn. I was surprised at how the domestic world reveals so much more about Carolyn. And in a way it was a huge challenge because of course, it's much easier play behind the hedge of work. You're going to meet her right up front and personal in this."

Fiona Shaw as "Carolyn" and Kim Bodnia as "Konstantin" in Killing Eve.

The 61-year-old Irish actress also touched on the show's balance of dark humour and thriller genre violence. On Killing Eve, one source of comic relief is the relationship between "Carolyn" and Kim Bodnia's "Konstantin."

"I have so enjoyed playing my scenes with Kim because he's a wonderful, wonderful actor — and he's an actor who works from a completely different place to me. So we're both sort of bewildered and intrigued by each other when we do these scenes" she said.

When asked about "Carolyn" and "Konstantin" in season 3, Shaw responded: "Oh my God! I would say 'Fasten your safety belts.' Just settle in. Get your pizza in and get your popcorn on or whatever it is. But you'll be astonished. I was astonished."

Gemma Whelan attends the premiere of HBO's "Game Of Thrones" season 7 in 2017.

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Killing Eve cast: Season 3 will have at least one new face

Shaw's new interview also notes that Gemma Whelan (of Game of Thrones) will debut as "Geraldine," the daughter of "Carolyn," in season 3. Read Shaw's interview in full here.

In case you missed it, the series debuted its trailer for season 3 early last week! Check it out here. The show picks up on the dramatic conclusion to season 2 on April 12.