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Lauren Graham Will Star In New 'The Mighty Ducks' TV Show On Disney+

Lauren Graham Will Star In New 'The Might Ducks' TV Show On Disney+
February 13, 2020 - 02:47 / Lucas Anderson

Disney+'s The Mighty Ducks reboot has found the coach for the popular youth hockey team! It's former Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham. Find out more about the series and Graham's role below...

The The Mighty Ducks trilogy of films from the 1990s is getting a ten-episode reboot series with Disney+! The series is expected to debut later this year.

Emilio Estevez portrayed coach "Gordon Bombay" in the original films, but this time around the team will have a new coach: Lauren Graham.

Lauren Graham attends the red carpet event at the 2020 Golden Globe Awards.

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Graham coaches a new version of the Mighty Ducks

In the new series, Graham will reportedly star as the mother of a player who is a hopeful to make the Mighty Ducks. Since the original films, the Mighty Ducks have evolved into a highly competitive team.

In the spirit of the original Mighty Ducks, Graham and her son instead go about forming their own team of underdogs after the boy is cut from the Mighty Ducks.

'The Mighty Ducks' cast featuring Emilio Estevez as "Gordon Bombay."

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The Mighty Ducks return

Child actor Brady Noon is in line to play "Evan," the son of Lauren Graham's mother-turned-coach. The original The Mighty Ducks films launched the careers of actors Kenan Thompson, Joshua Jackson, and Jussie Smollett.

The films also led to the NHL's new team in Anaheim being named the Mighty Ducks in the early 1990s. The pro team shedded the "Mighty" from their name in 2006.

Catch Lauren Graham as the new coach of the Mighty Ducks in Disney+'s reboot series sometime later this year! More details as they come.