'Law & Order: SVU': The Truth About "Rollins'" Children

Law & Order: SVU: "Rollins" - Her Children
August 31, 2020 - 17:45 / Lucas Anderson

On Law & Order: SVU, "Det. Amanda Rollins" has had two daughters: "Jesse" and "Billie." Both pregnancies were shrouded in mystery and drama, but especially the first one, as fans were left to wonder about the "baby daddy" of daughter "Jesse." We've since learned the separate men who fathered each of "Rollins'" children, but there's more to know about the kids. Read on to also find out the inspiration behind the family developments for "Rollins."

The Law & Order: SVU family has grown by two since "Det. Amanda Rollins" joined the unit in season 13. The fan-favourite detective has welcomed two children on the show, daughters "Jesse" (in season 17) and "Billie" (in season 20).

But the unmarried "Rollins" has had mystery follow her two pregnancies. Fans were especially intrigued to learn her "baby daddy" after the first birth, during which she also suffered a near-fatal medical emergency.

Law & Order: SVU: "Rollins" revealed first "baby daddy" in season 17

Though "Rollins" has sparked romance prospects with "Carisi" and "Amaro," fans were somewhat disappointed to learn the father of "Jesse" was "Lt. Declan Murphy," who hasn't been seen with the unit since season 17.

Law & Order: SVU: "Rollins" pregnant in season 17.

"Rollins" next announced her second pregnancy to "Benson" in season 20. The father of little "Billie" was then revealed as doctor "Al Pollack," an ex-boyfriend whom she broke up with after giving birth.

The detective and mother-of-two now raises her sweet children, who occasionally appear on SVU. But do you know the inspiration behind "Rollins'" children?

Kelli Giddish has two children with her husband in real life

It's true! "Rollins" had two children on SVU because actress Kelli Giddish has welcomed two children with her husband off-screen. On both occasions, her pregnancy was written into the show.

But while "Rollins" had two daughters, in real life, Giddish and husband Lawrence Faulborn share two sons, Ludo, 4, and Charlie, 1.

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Many fans are still pushing for a "Rollins" and "Carisi" romance as SVU moves ahead to season 22. But time will have to tell where "Rollins" takes her personal life.