'NCIS: Los Angeles": Is There A New Spin-Off Coming?

'NCIS: Los Angeles": Is There A New Spin-Off Coming?
June 4, 2020 - 10:45 / Sarah Schulz

Two spin-offs of the crime series NCIS already exist: NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. After the premiere of the eleventh season of NCIS: L.A., fans suspect that a third spin-off of the series could be in the works.

NCIS: Los Angeles viewers were surprised by the return of two stars from the original cast of J.A.G., "Captain Harmon Rabb Jr." (David James Elliott) and "Lieutenant Colonel Sarah 'Mac' Mackenzie" (Catherine Bell), in the tenth and eleventh season finales. The NCIS series are the spin-offs of J.A.G. and are set in the same TV universe.

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Major scene at the beginning of season 11 of NCIS: L.A.

However, the comeback of the two J.A.G. stars on NCIS: L.A. was short-lived, as the only guest appearances were those of David James Elliott and Catherine Bell. For loyal fans, the duo's appearance was nevertheless a very significant moment.

Catherine Bell and David James Elliott in JAG

According to the Daily Express, many fans are convinced that a dialogue with "Harm" in season 11 is a key scene that could lead to another NCIS spin-off.

NCIS: L.A.: "Harm" might be working in San Diego soon

In the dialogue, "Harm" reveals that "Hetty" (Linda Hunt), who also reappeared at the end of the eleventh season of NCIS: L.A., tipped him off to an available leadership position in another division of NCIS, either in San Diego or on the Contingency Response Team.

That a possible spin-off would take place in San Diego is probably more likely in this case, as it would follow the example of its predecessors NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. These concentrate on the areas surrounding larger cities. In addition, San Diego has one of the largest Navy ports in the USA. So it's a perfect location for an NCIS team.

Fans are voicing their hopes for a third NCIS spin-off

With a potential third spin-off, there could also be hope that "Harmon Rabb" and "Sarah Mackenzie" could find each other again. Longtime fans of the series debated the duo's return on Twitter and expressed their hopes and wishes for another spin-off.

NCIS was actually created as a spin-off to the successful CBS show JAG.

A new series in the J.A.G. universe would have to be confirmed by CBS. But this has not happened... yet. Maybe we can still look forward to NCIS: San Diego and even more investigation soon.