'NCIS': "Bishop" Is Out For Blood In An Emotional Episode

Emily Wickersham: Is "Bishop" leaving NCIS after season 17?
January 29, 2020 - 14:03 / Clemens Fanger

In an emotional hour of NCIS, "Bishop" was hellbent to avenge "Torres", who was put in the ICU by a maniacal Lamborghini driver, but "Gibbs" managed to keep her in check...Read the recap for episode 14 right here!

What a night for the NCIS squad. "Torres" (Wilmer Valderrama) narrowly manages to save "Ellie Bishop's" (Emily Wickersham) life as they are involved in a hit-and-run accident while out for a morning run. 

Wilmer Valderrama's character ends up in the ICU and needs one of the country's top neurosurgeons to be flown in as his life hangs in the balance.

Emily Wickersham Wilmer Valderrama Bishop Torres NCIS 2018
NCIS: Season 17 episode 14 preview - "Torres" is fighting for his life!

NCIS Season 17: "Torres'" life hangs in the balance!

Naturally, the entire team is at the hospital and legitimately worried about "Nick". However, there's nothing to do but wait, so they decide to track down the driver of the Lamborghini.

But while the wealthy Russian who owns the sports car ("Xavier Zolotov") admits to hitting "Torres" and fleeing the scene, he still manages to get off. It tuns out he has Russian government connections, who then puts pressure on the State Department in order to free him.

NCIS "Gibbs": "You don't want to become me."

"Bishop" is infuriated that they had to let him go and - in all seriousness - threatens to kill "Xavier". "Sloane" (Maria Bello) tells "Gibbs" to bench her, calling her behavior PTSD, but "Gibbs" knows better.

He gives "Ellie" some words of advice in a emotional father-daughter-like talk in which he tells her to get rid of her anger or otherwise she would become like him. He points to his life with a boat in his basement and a bottle of Bourbon: "You don't want to become me."

Mark Harmon in 'NCIS'
Mark Harmon in NCIS

NCIS Season 17: Did "Bishop" get her revenge?

When "Xavier" eventually turns up dead and a blond hair is the only real evidence at the scene, it's unclear whether "Bishop" actually stood down or if she maybe DID really take care of business herself.

But the team manages to find out that "Xavier's" mistress and neighbor "Colleen" was the one to end his life - and she also told "Xavier" to get rid of "Nick" because he was about to become a star witness against her in another case that "Torres" was involved in while undercover.

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With the case closed, we see "Bishop" taking "Torres'" hand while he's lying in his hospital bed. She knows for sure now that he almost lost his life to save hers - it looks like their relationship will (finally!) move to the next level...

The next episode of NCIS,  Season 17 episode 15 ("Lonely Hearts"), airs Tuesday February 11 at 8pm (7 central) on CBS!