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'NCIS' Recap: "Sloane's" Emotional Reunion With "Faith" Had Fans In Tears

NCIS Season 17 episode 18 recap: "Sloane's" emotional reunion with "Faith" had fans in tears.
March 25, 2020 - 11:35 / Clemens Fanger

The latest episode of NCIS had fans in tears! The emotional conversation between "Jack Sloane" and her daughter "Faith" at the end was definitely the highlight for all NCIS lovers out there...

With most of us stuck at home these days due to the coronavirus outbreak, what better way is there to unwind on a Tuesday night than with a new episode of NCIS? Season 17's episode 18 ("Schooled") had a pretty interesting case of the week, which was - of course - solved.

NCIS Season 18: What Will Happen Between "Gibbs" And "Sloane"?
NCIS Season 18: What will happen between "Gibbs" And "Sloane"?

But for many fans the highlight this week was "Jack Sloane's" (Maria Bello) unexpected reunion with her biological daughter "Faith" and the revelation it came with.

While the NCIS team led by "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) managed to solve the case of the murdered Navy reservist "Jeremy Whistler", who tried to blackmail a conman, "Sloane" had to face her past. Because when "Faith" asks her mother about her biological father, "Sloane" is more than upset and confides in "Gibbs".

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It turns out that "Faith" was the product of rape. "Jack Sloane" was drunk at a college party and let someone she trusted take her home... She doesn't blame herself for what happened, but does not know how to relay all of this to "Faith". When "Gibbs" wants to know the name of her attacker, "Sloane" says she will handle it on her own...

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And boy, did she handle it! She confronts her assailant at his fancy home and makes sure that he knows what to tell "Faith" if she ever came around. He protests and "Jack" punches him right in the mouth! Wow!

At the end of the hour, she meets up with "Faith" and explains everything to her: "I felt so damaged," "Sloane" says. But they have a tearful conversation and resolve it all. And NCIS fans all over the world thanked them for it. See some more reactions below!

The next episode of NCIS (Season 17, Episode 19, "Blarney") will air on March 31 at 8pm (7 central) on CBS.