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'NCIS' Star Sean Murray Confirms: Season 17 Will Be Cut Short As Production Is Shut Down

'NCIS' star Sean Murray has confirmed that production has shut down on season 17.
March 17, 2020 - 11:40 / Clemens Fanger

Sean Murray has confirmed that NCIS' season 17 has shut down production and will actually be cut short. The actor took to social media on the weekend to share his thoughts!

All TV fans will have to be strong now: The coronavirus outbreak is impacting the NCIS franchise as well. Veteran NCIS star Sean Murray confirmed over the weekend that production on season 17 has officially shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Production will not resume, which means that the current season will end after 20 episodes.

"Ziva" returns in season 17 of NCIS. And "McGee" is not too happy about her leaving him in the dark...

Sean Murray: "Stay safe... we'll see you soon."

The actor, who has played "Timothy McGee" on NCIS for all 17 seasons of the popular crime drama, took to Twitter this past weekend and wrote the following:

"As many of you have already heard, [NCIS] production has been put on hold for the time being. we will wrap our current season with 20 eps complete and plan to pick up where we left off when we begin season 18."

This is really bad news for all fans, since we also don't know how the creators and showrunners intend to wrap up the different storylines and might have to change their initial approaches for certain characters like "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon).

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Sean Murray followed up his Tweet with another one, in which he clarified that he does NOT know yet if the show will be picked up for another season.

We sure hope there WILL be a season 18 - let's all keep our fingers crossed!