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'Scrubs' Episodes With Blackface To Be Pulled From Hulu and Amazon Prime

'Scrubs' Episodes With Blackface Will Be Pulled From Hulu and Amazon Prime.
June 25, 2020 - 14:01 / Anna Valenzuela Rosas

In the wake of 30 Rock pulling their episodes containing blackface, the beloved comedy series Scrubs is following suit with a few of its own episodes.

Donald Faison and Zach Braff in 'Scrubs'.

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence is pulling 3 episodes from streaming

Recently hit NBC show 30 Rock announced they would be removing their episodes with blackface from streaming services Hulu and Amazon Prime so now the show Scrubs is following suit.

Donald Faison, Bill Lawrence, and Zach Braff.

The treasured sitcom will be removing three of its episodes containing white characters in blackface, "My Fifteen Seconds," "My Jiggly Ball," and "My Chopped Liver." One episode had star Zach Braff wearing blackface at a party and another had Sarah Chalke in blackface during a fantasy sequence.

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The removal actually took place because show creator Bill Lawrence specifically requested it himself to the streaming platforms Scrubs is currently on. One fan tweeted at Bill, Hulu, and ABC imploring them to remove the episode to which Bill responded.

Tina Fey made a statement about her episodes of 30 Rock featuring characters in blackface saying "I understand now that 'intent' is not a free pass for white people to use these images. I apologize for pain they have caused. Going forward, no comedy-loving kid needs to stumble on these tropes and be stung by their ugliness. I thank NBCUniversal for honouring this request."