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Season 14 of “Criminal Minds“ got off to a nail-biting start!

Criminal Minds: Some of the cast from season 13.
October 8, 2018 - 23:45 / Administrator User

Season 13 of Criminal Minds ended on a huge cliffhanger and fans were left wondering what would happen to "Reid" and "Garcia" after being kidnapped? Finally, fans everywhere got an answer the answer and their was no end of tension in the first episode of the new series! 

The 14th season of Criminal Minds premiered in the US last week, on 3rd October. The crime series not only celebrated its 14th season, but also its 300th episode, which of course meant lots of drama and action, as well as a screenplay that made us truly quake in our boots for the lives of our favorite characters. After the 13th season ended with a cliffhanger, fans were delighted to finally receive some much anticipated answers.

Previously, Dr. Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler, 38) and Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness, 46) had been kidnapped by a serial killer cult and, in a race against time, the BAU team has to try to save them.

The "Criminal Minds" Cast
The cast of 'Criminal Minds'

This is what happened during the Criminal Minds season premiere

In the dramatic season premiere, the agents had to rescue their colleagues from the hands of the serial killers before they met a gruesome end. Fans had already seen the killer cult responsible back in season four, which was aired in 2008, and all the answers to the case could be found in the past.

"Reid" and "Emily" in season 13 of Criminal Minds, Matthew Gray Gubler, Paget Brewster
"Reid" and "Emily" in season 13 of Criminal Minds.

That episode revolved around the raid of cult leader Benjamin Cyrus's compound back in season four. In the present series, the Cyrus devotees blamed the BAU for the destruction that took place there there during the police raid. Still angry about this destruction, the devotees hatched a plan, and one of their members infiltrated the BAU and kidnapped Reid and Garcia.

Luckily, Garcia manages to escape and to get help and both Garcia and Reid survive unharmed, to fans' relief everywhere. However, a little bit of action will probably do viewer ratings a world of good, as they have gone right down over the last few seasons.