'Shadowhunters': 12 Facts About the Netflix Series

The cast of Shadowhunters
April 20, 2019 - 09:57 / Sarah Schulz

The popular Netflix series Shadowhunters will be ending this year and fans of the show are truly devastated. We have put together twelve facts about the show to try and tie up all the loose ends before it officially ends. Watch the video for more...

The Netflix series Shadowhunters is based on a six-part fantasy book series written by Cassandra Clare and called "The Mortal Instruments". There was a movie starring Lily Collins that came out titled The Immortal Instruments: City of Bones that didn't quite do as successful at the box office as was anticipated. The producers decided to take a different take on the stories and thus, Shawdowhunters was born. 

Harry Shum Jr. Stars In Shadowhunters

Harry Shum Jr. 

Katherine McNamara Stars In Shadowhunters

Katherine McNamara

Check out the video above for all the facts about the show! Enjoy...