'The Bachelor' Week 5 Recap

Colton Underwood
February 7, 2019 - 00:36 / Sarah Schulz

Bachelor Colton Underwood jetted off to Thailand with his ladies in the hopes to strengthen connections and be one step further in his journey to find love. There was no lack of drama this week to say the least. We will break it down for you...

It was week 5 on Season 23 of The Bachelor featuring virgin Colton Underwood. Colton took his remaining women to Thailand for a week to continue his journey to find love. Last week we got to see some reconciliation between some previous enemies on the show and this week, a new pair of enemies emerged...

Trouble In Paradise

Onyeka and Nicole were busy arguing and telling on one another to Colton about how "unstable" Nicole is and how Onyeka was "bullying" Nicole. Talk about drama and let us tell you, Colton was having none of it and stormed off while trying to reconcile the two and getting nowhere. 

Elyse Breaks It Off

One of Colton's early favourite's Elyse, put on a stunning gown and marched over to his hotel and broke up with him. WHAT?! She basically said it was because she can't be competing with other girls (what did she think she signed up for?) and she wouldn't be able to accept a proposal with only having spent a few moments with him. We aren't sure if she's ever seen the show before... Elyse regretted her decision right after she did it. 

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood

Colton had two one-on-one dates this week. His first date was with Heather, who as we all know has never been kissed at 23 years old and after her date, that was no longer something that defined her. The second date was with Cassie and they basically couldn't keep their hands off of each other the whole time, so needless to say, both women ended up getting roses. 

"To Be Continued..."

The end of the episode, which found Colton frustrated with the drama between Onyeka and Nicole brought us the classic "to be continued..." at the bottom of our screens before the rose ceremony took place. Here's hoping that next week's episode brings Colton more clarity than this week and that a rose ceremony actually takes place.