'The Bachelor': Week Six

Colton Underwood
February 13, 2019 - 19:47 / Sarah Schulz

On Monday night we were graced with yet another week of Colton on his journey to find love. We have found out three things: 1. Colton has a thing for blondes. 2. Women are dumping him (should be the other way around) and 3. Hannah B. is a beast. 

This week, Colton was in Vietnam with his remaining women and after the end of the episode on Monday, Colton is down to seven women and six of them happen to be blonde. Coincidence? We think not. The week started off with a one-on-one date with Hannah G. who we all know Colton has had his eye on from the beginning since she got the first impression rose. Their date was spa-themed and they spent most of the time making out in outdoor shower. In the end she got the rose and Colton said that he's falling in love with her... we have to admit it's a little early for that, Colton!

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Group Date 'Fight'

The group date consisted of a martial arts theme where the women actually got to fight each other in a controlled setting. Maybe it was therapeutic for them to let off some steam on one another? Who knows. However, Hannah B. deemed herself Hannah "Beast" and proceeded to make growling faces all episode long. We feel a new trademark coming on... Tayshia got the group date rose. 

The final one-on-one date was with Kirpa who Colton admitted that he feels she really is ready for an engagement (unlike some of the other women maybe?). Kirpa admitted to being engaged to someone for eight years and that he was virgin as well, so basically she knows what she's getting herself into. They seemed to have a connection enough that she got the rose. 

Colton Gets Dumped

Another woman left Colton this week. Sydney pulled Colton aside on the group date and basically said she can't do this anymore and that she feels like he's holding back with her. So she left and we applaud her for that. Demi also got sent home when she got all dolled up and went to Colton's hotel room to tell him that she is falling in love with him and he said he's just not on the same level. Katie got sent home at the rose ceremony, leaving seven women left for Colton to continue his journey with. 

Be Aware...

All three women that left this week told Colton to be aware as some women still there are not ready for an engagement, let alone marriage. So basically Colton is freaking out not knowing who those women are and is getting rather stressed about finding 'the one'. That's it for now. Until next week...