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Tom Hanks WWII Film 'Greyhound' To Stream On Apple TV+ After Bidding War

Tom Hanks WWII Film 'Greyhound' To Stream On Apple TV+ After Bidding War
May 19, 2020 - 21:45 / Lucas Anderson

Greyhound, the new Tom Hanks WWII movie, was acquired by Apple for a hefty sum after a bidding war. Get the new details on streaming the highly anticipated film here.

Greyhound had projected to be a highlight of this summer's new movie releases. The war genre film, which was scheduled for a June 12 premiere, stars Tom Hanks as a US Navy Commander during WWII.

But with theatres closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the film will now instead head directly to streaming.

And, after a heated bidding war, Greyhound will make its debut on Apple TV+ in the near future.

Grey Hound starring Tom Hanks (2020). Movie poster.

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Greyhound: Tom Hanks' new WWII movie heads to Apple TV+

Deadline first reported the news of Apple's acquisition of Greyhound. It's one of the first major studio releases of the summer to head to a streamer rather than go the route of a rescheduled premiere.

Apple paid up for the movie, also. Amid a bidding war with other big streamers, they secured Greyhound's exclusive Apple TV+ release for around $70 million.

A release date for the film on Apple TV+ isn't yet known, but it's thought that the streamer will want to capitalize quickly on current trends in lockdown viewing.

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Popular leading man Tom Hanks stars in Greyhound as a US Navy Commander aboard a warship during the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII. Hanks also wrote the screenplay for the film.

You can watch the trailer for Greyhound below. (It's already added a "coming soon to Apple TV+" note!)

Watch Greyhound trailer: Coming soon to Apple TV+