'Two And A Half Men': This Is "Jake Harper" In 2020

Two and a Half Men: This Is "Jake Harper" Today
June 4, 2020 - 14:45 / Lucas Anderson

"Jake Harper" of Two and a Half Men was played by actor Angus T. Jones. The popular child star was a main cast member for 10 seasons, before leaving the show in 2014. Where is he today?

Angus T. Jones starred as "Jake Harper" on Two and a Half Men for the show's first 10 seasons. Fans watched the beloved youngster grow from a child to a not so "half man" by the time he was 18 in season 10.

The Two and a Half Men cast

Two and a Half Men: What happened to "Jake Harper"?

But, as he aged, "Jake" was eventually given more adult storylines on the show, which conflicted with the values held by actor Angus T. Jones.

Specifically, in season 9, "Jake" was portrayed as sexually active and a user of marijuana. Following that season, Jones made headlines by denouncing the show and calling it "filth" after a religious awakening.

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"Jake," the son of Jon Cryer's "Alan Harper," was then absent for the final few episodes of season 10 and did not appear again until the series finale episode in season 12. On the show, the absence of "Jake" was addressed by having the character join the army.

Jones's exit from Two and a Half Men was then made official in 2014.

Angus T. Jones in 2012.

Where is Angus T. Jones today?

Since his time as "Jake Harper," Jones appears to have retired from acting, save for a single appearance on Horace and Pete in 2016.

Photos of Jones have shown him with long hair and a beard, after he reportedly wanted to distance himself from his appearance on Two and a Half Men. Fans were surprised to see Jones with this look in his return for the show's series finale in 2015, also.

In recent years, reports have said that the one-time highest-paid child actor in TV history has been studying religion at Colorado University. Photographs have also placed him in Los Angeles, California.

In 2016, Jones was attached to work with a media production company called Tonite, which was created by Justin Combs, son of rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs.

Angus T. Jones in 2020

Angus T. Jones's whereabouts and activities in 2020 are somewhat unclear. But by and large, Jones seems committed to plans of staying out of the spotlight after a childhood on one of TV's most popular sitcoms for over a decade.

Jones will turn 27-years-old this October.